Car2TERA – Press Release

25 January, 2019

Engineers from Austria, Sweden, Poland, Italy and Spain are now underway in developing the latest radar and sensing equipment for the cars of tomorrow. The European Union’s Horizon 2020 funded Car2TERA project has recently launched in Villach, Austria and promises to keep Europe in the car sensing technology spotlight.
Over the next 39 months, they will explore the use of the sub-terahertz frequency spectrum for sensors inside the vehicle. Today’s car sensor technology is simply not capable of safely processing the signals required for assisted driving and autonomous driving. The sub-terahertz frequency spectrum, 150 to 330 Gigahertz, opens many doors as it is perfectly suited for this kind of radar communication, but the micro devices that transmit, receive and network at that range are still being developed. That’s where the Car2TERA project comes in.
Project partners will construct and demonstrate a prototype of an in-cabin passenger monitoring system for individual and real-time adjusted crash mitigation measures. This effort will leverage recent European advances in semiconductor, microsystem and nanoelectronics technologies.
With European car module manufacturers holding a market share of 79% on car radars, the €4.2M Car2Tera project is poised to keep Europe at the edge of car sensing technology. Discoveries made during this project will aid the design and manufacturing of complex equipment intended to keep drivers and passengers as safe as possible while traversing roads across the globe.

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