Car2TERA – Kick-off Meeting

29 January, 2019

The Car2TERA project launched with a well-attended kick-off meeting in Villach, Austria on Jan 28-29. Project partners gathered to plan, organize and designate duties for the next 39 months. Work packages were discussed and a forum was available provide answers to questions. The Car2Tera project is a direct descendant of the M3TERA project which finished up last year. Many of the technologies and discoveries from M3TERA are used as a baseline of knowledge upon which new targets are aligned. In Car2Tera, partners seek two fulfill two primary tangible deliverables. One is a demonstrator for sub-terahertz (150-330 GHz) cabin sensing radar apparatus. The other is a model of communication using plastic fiber channels for signal carrying. The sub-terahertz frequencies require high bandwidth and plastic seems to be a robust choice. The overarching goal of Car2Tera is to make inroads into the high bandwidth applications of autonomous driving by exploiting the well-suited sub-terahertz domain.