Car2TERA Podcast #1

6 March, 2019

With the Car2TERA kick-off meeting taking place in Villach, Austria on Jan 28-29, it was a great opportunity to record the project’s first podcast in the Technikon studio. We sat down with Scientific Lead, Joachim Oberhammer from KTH in Sweden to discuss some of the more consumer facing benefits of Car2TERA. As he explains, current technology is not yet capable of supporting autonomous driving-there are some gaps. The partners of Car2Tera are committed to bridging these gaps. For example, in cabin sensing is best achieved with high resolution radar using sub terahertz frequencies but the technology still needs to be developed. In addition to sensing devices, communication channels need to be able to transfer these signals throughout the vehicle in an efficient way. Regarding the work to be performed, Mr Oberhammer describes these kinds of European Commission projects as not only a great way to learn about emerging technologies, but an exercise in collaborative success. To listen to the Car2TERA podcast, click here.