Today in a talk with Yinggang Li

6 May, 2019

Today in a Talk with Yinggang Li – 5 questions about himself and the Car2TERA H2020 project.

Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background.

I hold a PhD in theoretical physics. As a PhD student and a post-doctoral fellow, I studied specifically atomic movement and growth in metals or on metal surfaces. Since I joined Ericsson Group in 1996, I have been working as a research engineer and pursuing MMICs design, RF module development and radio system build-up, from microwave to millimeter-wave in various technologies.

What is your title and/or role in the project?

I am a senior specialist in R&D at Ericsson Research. My role in Car2Tera is to drive the development of the Telecom demonstrator, i.e., short-range, high data-rate wired links using polymer microwave fibers (PMFs).

What are your contributions to the project? (Specify what deliverables and/or tasks you are responsible for)

Specifically,  I will contribute to the transition from the MMIC to the fiber, including concept development and HFSS design. Deliverables I am responsible for are: 1) specification of the Telecom demonstrator, 2) assembly of the demonstrator, and 3) verification of the demonstrator.

What challenges can you foresee in the project?

For the secondary demonstrator, the Telecom link, the required wide bandwidth (>40 GHz) will be challenging for MMIC designers. Developing a low-loss MMIC-PMF transition is not an easy task. Dispersion impact in the PMF will be a major limitation to the data-rate or link distance, and resolving the dispersion impact is not trivial at all.

How do you think the project outcome could affect our daily life?

The Telecom demonstrator is target at application in base stations for 5G networks and beyond. The impact of the project outcome on human and society can hardly over-estimated, as 5G and beyond wireless technologies will significantly change the life of more than 9 billion mobile subscribers who are going to enjoy the innovative new services the technology brings to us.