Car2TERA Technical & Advisory Board Meeting

18 March, 2020

The official Car2TERA Technical & Advisory Board Meeting took place from the 27th to 28th of February 2020 and was hosted by ENT/VIGO in Poland.

During the morning, the project consortium executed a project internal meeting to discuss the technical aspects and progression of the project development, challenges and next steps. Partners who were unable to travel, due to Corona Virus, joined the call remotely via GotoWebinar.

During this half-day meeting, the partners discussed the next tape-out in B12 and future requirements, Graphene growth on SiC-substrates and characterization, micromachined switched-beam frontend 238-248 GHz and there were design discussions as well as discussions about upcoming deliverables.

On the second day of the meeting, our Advisory Board Member Werner Wiesbeck gave a workshop. One of his topics was “Future Radar Systems.”

On the next day, the project held an Advisory Board meeting, and Patrick Reynaert (also an AB member of Car2TERA) gave a presentation about “Recent Progresses, Trends and Roadmap of PMF-related development”. The consortium furthermore presented an overview of the interfacing methods for IC-PMF transition, the PMF (geometry) study and simulation results and the transition solution proposed in Car2TERA. There was plenty of interesting discussions and advice from the AB members to the consortium.