Current work of VIGO

2 March, 2021

The third year of the Car2TERA project has started and in order to present the current work that each consortium partner is developing, we asked them to summarize the processes that are being done.
This week we are presenting VIGO, which explains the current work that the company is developing within Car2tera:

“VIGO provides specialist support on a successful application of graphene in MMICs conducted at Chalmers. Vigo fabricated SiC wafers coated with graphene (grown by CVD method and characterized using Hall method, Raman spectroscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy) and delivered to Chalmers for processing. Some work on different graphene growth methods have been performed to obtain a qualitative analysis of graphene quality, technology difficulties, costs of production, repeatability, feasibility and the most important usefulness for THz applications.”