Current work of TEC

29 April, 2021

The third year of the Car2TERA project has started and in order to present the current work that each consortium partner is developing, we asked them to summarize the processes that are being done. This week we are presenting Technikon (Austria), which explains the current work that the company is developing within Car2tera:

“Technikon contributes to the development of a technology roadmap and the technology projection for in-car THz systems, setting emphasis on the bill-of-material, integration costs and its life-cycle consequences. Besides that, Technikon leads the communication and dissemination activities of Car2TERA, also providing the internal and external IT infrastructure. In addition, TEC as the coordinator of the project is responsible for the project and innovation management activities. In this regard Technikon has administrative tasks, including the early identification of critical risks and the development and lead of mitigation activities, besides that being also responsible for the project ethics requirements.”