Assembly of first D-band (150 GHz) Tx and Rx chips in eWLB

2 December, 2022

This is a depiction of the first D-band (150 GHz) Tx and Rx chips in eWLB (embedded wafer level ball grid) package assembly in standard SMD process at Ericsson AB and the initial Tx-Rx link test setup. The photo shows:

(a) Perfectly mating the micro-bumps and the solder paste in standard SMD soldering process
(b) PCB support (3D printed) is designed to be directly mountable onto a standard wafer-probing manipulator for fine alignment and tuning in the test
(c) Initial link test setup with the Tx and the Rx eWLB chips interconnected with a 1m-long polymer microwave fiber (PMF)
(d) CW IF signal observed at the Rx (IF level is currently low due to insufficient LO drive both at Tx and Rx)

For more detailed information and questions please don’t hesitate to contact Yinggang Li ( at EAB directly.