2nd International Workshop on Polymer Microwave Fiber Technology

10 March, 2023

The 2nd International Workshop on Polymer Microwave Fiber Technology, PMF 2023, organized and hosted by the KU Leuven, aimed to bring together all important players in this new field, academia as well as industry and other stakeholders, in order to build a PMF community in which research, development and productization can be stimulated. The Car2TERA consortium was represented by Infineon, Chalmers and Ericsson, presenting and discussing their latest results.

Besides the communication applications in data centers and telecommunication, the rapid development of complex and energy-efficient power electronic and “automotive-like ” systems has made an additional application for PMF in the isolation between communication and power circuits an important field of development with different application-specific solutions. After a short overview on Infineon SiGe and packaging technologies, this talk will discuss the Isolation applications in power-electronics and “Automotive-like” communication applications, and the vision of Infineon Power Electronics and Automotive in this fascinating technology.

Efficient Wireless Coupling for PMF Data Links
Speaker: Vasileios Liakonis (Infineon, Austria)

Efficient coupling solutions between the transceiver ICs and Plastic Microwave Fibers (PMF) will be presented. In particular, a test case of an Antenna in Package (AiP) implementation using Infineon’s eWLB packaging technology will be demonstrated. Moreover, a dual antenna configuration for multi-mode PMF excitation will be presented. Comparison between EM simulation and measurement results will be also exhibited.

D-band (110-170 GHz) receiver/transmitter chipsets for wireless and Plastic Microwave Fiber (PMF) communication for data rates up to and above 100 Gbps
Speaker: Herbert Zirath (Chalmers University, Sweden)

Recent designs and experimental result of SiGe BiCMOS chipsets for high data rate communication over PMF and air are presented. This work is based on the 130 nm SiGe process B11HFC from Infineon.

High-speed data links based on polymer microwave fiber (PMF) for 5G evolution and 6G radio systems
Speaker: Yinggang Li (Ericsson, Sweden)

This presentation reports the simulated and measured results on short-range PMF data links, targeting for future base stations with large antenna arrays, focusing on the galvanic coupling method between the transceiver MMICs and the PMF which is being developed in EU H2020 project Car2TERA.