Dissemination & Communication

10 March, 2020

Car2TERA poster

This project poster is used to disseminate & communicate the project`s idea, solution and impact on upcoming conferences and workshops.

21 February, 2020

2nd Newsletter

The 2nd newsletter of the Car2TERA project shows the results of the first project year and much more.

15 October, 2019

Contribution to Graphene Week 2019 Poster

ENT presented their work on graphene in a poster entitled “Characterization of wafer-scale CVD graphene grown on sapphire and SiC: a direct comparison”.

24 September, 2019

Car2TERA Explanation Video

The end results of the Car2TERA project could have tangible results for all European citizens. See what make this project so important to the advancement or driver safety and get a glimpse of how it works.

15 July, 2019

1st Newsletter

The 1st newsletter of the Car2TERA H2020 project containing an overview about the current status, past events, dissemination material and related projects.

9 April, 2019

Project Leaflet

The official leaflet of the Car2TERA H2020 project containing Partners, Project Information, Mission, Vision and Goals of the project.

25 March, 2019

Announcement Letter

The official announcement letter contains all relevant information about the Car2TERA H2020 project.

7 March, 2019

Press Release

Giving Eyes and Ears to the Car of the Future

The Austrian-managed Car2TERA project will develop radar systems to be used in self driving vehicles

6 March, 2019


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In our podcast we speak with Joachim Oberhammer, scientific lead of the Car2TERA project, about goals, expectations, challenges, results and the kick-off meeting.

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